socio-spatial practice

The difficult intersectional, interdisciplinary work to be done includes within one
frame the spaces of the political economic and the ontological, the battles of the
activist and the epistemologist, the tracings of the historian and the artist.
—Beatriz da Costa and Kavita Phillip, Tactical Biopolitics

My work in socio-spatial practice combines elements of interactive engagement and intervention from social practice (art) and spatial practice (architecture) with a focus on justice and world-building. I am interested in the material and conceptual opportunities that socio-spatial practice affords, not only for scholarly inquiry but also for the iterative project of creating a world that nourishes and sustains us. Socio-spatial practice offers opportunities to materialize interdependence as a relation, ethos, and locus of expertise. In this sense, I understand socio-spatial practice as a justice-building endeavor, a project of building access. I am particularly interested in projects that push beyond profit-driven motivations for design and innovation to challenge what we know (or think we know) about bodyminds and their relations to built and social space.