critical design lab

The Critical Design Lab is a multi-institution collaboration that draws on the methods of critical and interrogative design, intersectional feminist design theory, and crip technoscience to address thorny questions about embodiment, technology, space, and power. The lab, which houses Mapping Access, is open to undergraduate and graduate students in any discipline.

The Critical Design Lab also works on a host of other projects related to disability, design justice, and the lifeworld. Our podcast, Contra*, explores these topics through conversations with leaders in disability activism and design.

The lab periodically accepts new members. Members of the lab work on their own projects, as well as to contribute to the lab’s broader work. They receive mentorship in the area of critical design and socio-spatial practice. The lab also works toward collaborative publications. Attendance at bi-weekly meetings is mandatory. Applicants who do not attend Vanderbilt or are not based in Nashville should be able to attend meetings via video conferencing.