Office Ecologies


[Image description: a yellow plant pot on a window ledge is filled with tiny basil seedlings at the “four leaf” stage. Soil is visible beneath the seedlings]


What are the ecologies of knowledge work? This project explores procedures and practices of enlivening office spaces through indoor micro-gardening, mushroom cultivation, composting, do-it-yourself furniture construction, and alternative technologies of reading, writing, and sensing. We are investigating the distributions of life across spaces of knowledge work, mapping the tapestries of office plants, soils, airborne particles, recycled materials, urban forests, moss beds, light bulbs, and plastics that populate the ecosystems we call universities. While most offices appear sterile, standard, and corporate, we are interested in what forms of unmarked life (and non-living agencies) make up the spaces of knowing-making that we call offices.

What natureculture relations inhabit offices and how do they complicate our notions of proper knowledge-work?

What types of life and liveliness do these spaces activate or deactivate?

Can an office be a garden?