[Image: A hoop house with white fabric hangs over rows of flowers with green stems. A black cat with white paws walks along the left side. In the center, a person (me) in black jeans and a dark red vest walks away from the camera into the distance, holding a water bottle]

Photo credit: Melanie Adley

I am a certified permaculture designer working at the local scale to integrate ideas about justice, community, and interdependence into earth repair and regenerative design projects. My projects include:

  • Peach and Moon Farm: urban homestead and food forest, micro-orchard with extensive fruit and vegetable gardens, medicinal herb garden, insect pollinary, soil regeneration, and rain catchment.
  • Farm in the City: a collaborative urban food forest pilot project of the Food Forest Advocates of Middle TN.
  • Crip Permaculture: a conceptual project investigating disability culture and regenerative design as counter-eugenic projects.